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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers!!

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Aluminum Inverter Pulse TIG Welder

Q: Does the listing include the electrode holder and cable?
A: no, that is optional for more

Q: Hi, I live about 15 miles northwest of Orlando. If I purchased a welder, Could I pick the item up in person?
A: hi, yes! cash upon pick up. you can see it work before you buy

Q: Hi How money cost shipping this welder to the Bulgaria? Regards
A: again 0

Q: Hi, Can I weld Aluminum With This Machine? Steve
A: yes: it is an Aluminum Inverter Pulse TIG Welder

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Fuel Heaters

Q: Hi, I was wondering when the coolant reaches the correct temperature the heater is disengaged/switched off? Thanks. fairdeal76
A: The electric heater is set to 180 degrees F. The thermostatic switch opens when the engine reaches operating temperature (waste heat hot water takes over).

Q: How do you set this up to purge the system of air upon filter change? Do you have something that removes light moisture from the fuel if it happens to get some in the tank? Thanks!!
A: your purge this as you would purge your existing filter. no light moisture removal provision. you should not put anything in the tank that would cause a moisture problem.

Q: does this unit use the hot water after the electric senses the right tempature. I want to be able to start my truck and when the watwer is hot enough it will shut off the electric heating element. how long do these electric heating elements usually last?
A: hi, no hot water is monitored. the thermo switch is mounted on the filter head and would only monitor hot oil. yoy can shut the dvice off with a simple switch that you control or remote control. they last less than 30 minutes in air; in oil, they could last for years.

Q: Greetings, how much are the 2 micron filters for this unit?? Thanks. ...spike,,,
A: the replacement filters are each and you need a converter to use them

Q: hello, im in chile,, i have a verified paypal account but not confirmed since a few countries are. can i pay with paypal for this item? thanks in advance, Pam.
A: hi, yes, but delivery is not guaranteed

Q: the sale includes both the fuel filter housing and the pass through for the coolant. is this correct?? only the filter is not included. J
A: your understanding is correct

Q: Where does it get installed, I have 300d. Does this replace the exiting fuel filter?
A: hi, where it fits. i have seen install near the radiator, replacing the prefilter.

A: hi, in general, my filter head replaces or bypasses your filter head when used with a 4 micron final filter. my unit comes before your unit when used with a greater than 4 micron filter. any common 3/4"-16 remote mount is going to work with the heat exchanger you bought, i have many for sale.

Q: i need more info on wvo heaters. please give me phone# so i can contact you thanks jerry
A: Victor 407-656-5819

Q: what is the difference between this one and the one for 9? also I only have 1 tank, do I need another tank, switch etc? if so do you have a kit? thankyou
A: hi if you choose to go with the one tank system, get the 0 device

Q: Where is this manufactured? thanks! Dan
A: ocoee, florida, usa

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Oil Filter Kits

Q: Can you explain a little bit about what a by-pass system does. There appears to one oil filter but I'm unsure what a by-pass filter exactly does. Thanks.
A: bypass is a general term that means the stock filter is eliminated and for this unit, oil is directed thru two filters one of which is a high efficiency 2 micron absolute that removes nearly all abrasive particulate. haveing two high quality filters is much better than the one that is of stock design.

Q: how much for the filters to replace
A: + S&H or By becoming an AMSOIL Preferred Customer or Dealer, you can purchase products at wholesale prices! Registered AMSOIL Dealer ZO # 1426004 tmvtaylor@aol.com AMSOIL Preferred Customers & Dealers purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost. https://www.amsoil.com/AmsoilLogin/PreferredApp.aspx?zo=1426004

Q: Hi there...I want to know if this kit would fit my two Toyota cars - Previa (V4) & Sequoia (V8). I plan on buying 2 kits to install on both cars. Please let me know. Thank you. Jay
A: hi, it is my uncerstanding it fits both as long as you have spin on oil filter and not cartrige

Q: Which filter is? This you have three listed in the description. I need to look up the dimensions to see if it will fit. Thanks
A: http://www.amsoil.com/storefront/eabp.aspx?zo=1426004

Q: Hello, I have a 82 diesel Bazer that has a spin on fuel filter. Will this bushing work on it to allow the use of the 2 micron Caterpillar fuel filters? Thanks.
A: please provide fillter specs

Q: What size threads does the Amsoil Filter have, without using the adapter? Thanks a lot, Bryan May-13-08
A: 1"-16

Q: Hi, I was wondering what company makes this filter mount, and do you know if they are made in the USA? Thanks Clayton
A: hi these are made in the usa by tmvtaylor

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Oil Coolers

Q: does the water and electrolyte eat up the inside of the cooler when used with hydrogen
A: not to my knowledge

Q: what size are the fittings on the cooler that the hose connects to because my fittings on my system are all one size. Please let me know.
A: 3/8" ID hose

Q: Hi, What material is this cooler made of? Thanks..
A: aluminum

Q: Hi, I'm from Italy. I would like to know if is possible shipping to my country and how much would it cost?
A: no italy; problematic

Q: Hi Victor, Can you do this set up to fit a Nissan? ( SR 20 ) Would you be willing to supply it with AN 8 fittings instead of the hose tails and no hose? I would want the thermostatic sandwich plate and the extra 4 way adapter. If you can supply it, how much would it be to ship to the U.K. Postcode ME2 3HB? Thanks, Ian.
A: hi, yes, what are the threads on your oil filter 3/4"-16 or 20mm-1.2. yes cab supply without hose and with an fittings

Q: Hi Victor...do you know if this setup will fit a 1996 Toyota Previa (with supercharger)? Also do you have a similar setup that would fit a Toyota Sequoia (V8) with the exception of having an oil filter relocation kit, because I want to move the stock oil location for easier access for oil changes?P Please let know how much with S/H too. Thanks. Jay
A: hi, works for both

Q: this kit is whit oil termostatic??
A: yes for 9. please note payment information:I accept PayPal payment (Shipping to PayPal Confirmed Addresses in the USA, Canada & UK Only) as tmvtaylor@aol.com. I accept Personal Checks, Money Orders, etc. in US$ Drawn on US Banks To: Victor Kawchak 2180 Yorville Ct. Ocoee, FL 34761 407 656-5819 tmvtaylor@aol.com Please include Item # on check! 15 day hold on checks.

Q: I am looking for a thermostatic adapter for a Mazda Miata with the 1.8l BP engine. Do you have one available?
A: year? of mazda miata please

Q: Hey how are you doing? I was just doing a search for oil cooler kits and came across you. I'm looking for a kit for my 88 RX-7 Turbo and didn't know if you would have something for me. I really need one like yesterday but most of the kits I have found look cheap. Please let me know and also can you give me some prices. Thanks, Kevin
A: hi, yes any of my 20mm kits are compatible

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