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Tutorial: Installation of WVO Heaters

General Directions for assembly and installation of WVO Heaters

Remove blue plugs from heat exchanger. Clean all parts prior to assembly making sure there is no dust or debris or oil residue. Orient gasket like this:

Set depth of 4” nipple into remote filter adapter (thing with three screw holes in it) with red Loctite or epoxy glue (follow instructions with what you are using) to a depth of 3/8” to ½”. Attach filter and let the glue harden overnight. Attach fittings using Teflon tape. Make sure there are no Teflon tape shreads left dangling after fitting installation. Mount assembly as close as possible to fuel injection pump (before fuel injection pump) and water pump in a good location. Remove existing diesel fuel pre-filter if your engine has one. The one-quart FRAM filter is your new Heavy-Duty pre-filter to your vehicles final filter (many other filters having better filtering efficiency/capacity are available. Buy enough 5/8” ID heater hose and 3/8” ID fuel line hose, long enough to make final connections. Remove the hose from the water pump that goes to your heater core inside your vehicle. Attach new hose and rout to the WVO heater; from the WVO heater then to the hose that was disconnected (you may need additional fittings). If your vehicle has a heater valve in line with the 5/8” heater hose that keeps hot water from reaching the heater core when heater is not used, then you will need to install a tee fitting prior to the heater valve that bypasses the heater valve so that hot water gets to the WVO heater all the time. Otherwise hot water would circulate thru the WVO heater only when you turned the heat on inside the vehicle. Then connect inline the 3/8” fittings into the fuel line prior to your existing final fuel filter (note in/out arrows on top of the remote filter adapter). Prime the assembly; you will need to get all the air out of the assembly for your engine to start again. Follow the priming instructions specific to your vehicle. Clamp all connections with hose clamps.

Electric models are easy to install; make sure you have good electrical connection. The 12 Volt positive wire must be connected to a switched circuit (key out, power off). 240 Watt models have a gray wire that is connected to the ignition switch that controls the power relay. The electric heat should be used for a maximum of 20 seconds at time of start up; the heaters are OK to run when the engine is running and the fuel is flowing and cooling the heaters. Establish a good ground to complete the circuit.

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